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Ramblings of an insane person...

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Welcome to my journal. I usually add people back but don't add me if you don't plan to talk with me. Basically, this journal is composed of fangirly entries and spam. Most of the time, I talk about nonsense but I try to be sensible when I talk to others.XD I rarely talk about real life, don't worry I rarely talk about fandom, too!..haha.
Teh Gurl

Hi everyone, again, welcome to my journal~!

I love to fangirl and I am proud to be one.Boybands are my weakness and I fangirl mostly Japanese and Korean. I love the Japanese idol company Johnny's Entertainment especially the wonderful glory of a boyband that is NewS. I freaking love them! My favorite JE boy is Yamashita Tomohisa because he is just made of win and he pawns all..haha..*gets bricked*

I am also a fan of Super Junior. THEY.ARE.PURE.LOVE.PERIOD and my favorite Suju boy is teh gayguy from China, HanKyung/Han Geng.

Though I'm in the ghei fandom..I'm not a fan of slash pairings..except NishiKato..TT__TT I'm not even sure if it exists...It's not that I hate it and that I am homophobic..I think I just don't care..

I'm a big fan of Anime, Manga, Jdramas and sushi..I also watch Kdramas..Meteor Garden 1 *see emphasis* is the only Tdrama that satisfied me..

Surfing the internet is my hobby, I also fancy singing but I fail miserably at dancing. I love to oggle at pictures of pretty boys I'm not always online, but I try to catch up as much as I can.

I love crack. But sadly, I can't write crack. If I try, I will surely fail and only embarass myself.

I hope you can be my friend (if we have at least one thing in common) and if you're a fangirl, let's a;dklfj;sdlkf;adkfj;dlkfjls;dkfjads; together.

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